Class BasicTableCellRenderer<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicTableCellRenderer

        public BasicTableCellRenderer()
      • BasicTableCellRenderer

        public BasicTableCellRenderer​(Property<? extends T> property)
      • BasicTableCellRenderer

        public BasicTableCellRenderer​(Property<? extends T> property,
                                      boolean showTooltip)
    • Method Detail

      • getApplication

        public BeaTunes getApplication()
      • getProperty

        public Property<? extends T> getProperty()
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(Property<? extends T> property)
      • getToolTipText

        protected String getToolTipText​(T property,
                                        Object formattedProperty)
      • getIssue

        public Issue getIssue()
      • paintIssueHighlight

        protected void paintIssueHighlight​(Graphics g)
      • getIssueHighlightBounds

        protected Rectangle getIssueHighlightBounds​(Graphics g)
      • getIssueHighlightWidth

        protected int getIssueHighlightWidth​(Graphics g)
      • formatProperty

        protected Object formatProperty​(T property)
        By default returns an empty String for null, otherwise the property itself. If you would like to format the given property somehow, do it here.
        property - typed property
        formatted property
      • extractProperty

        protected T extractProperty​(Object object)
        Typically simply calls propertyExtractor.get(value). If you want to convert some values into special (other) values (e.g. 0 into null), override this method.
        object - object
        property value