Interface Issue<T extends Inspector>

  • public interface Issue<T extends Inspector>

    An issue is a problem in the metadata of a collection of songs. E.g. the artist's name is spelled differently even though it's the same artist.

    Issues are typically created by an Inspector.

    Hendrik Schreiber
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    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
        Description for this issue.
        description of the issue
      • getSolutions

        Solution[] getSolutions()
        Return possible solutions for this issue. Note that the solutions returned have to be exactly the same each time this method is called. I.e. you can't create the array anew each time the method is called, but must cache it.
        possible solutions for this issue
      • getInspector

        T getInspector()
        The Inspector that created this issue.
        the inspector that created this issue