iTunes Exclamation Mark

Here's the scenario:
Over time you moved some songs around and now iTunes can't find them anymore.
iTunes marked the songs with an exclamation mark.
But unfortunately iTunes does not give you any way to find those missing files and clean things up.

iTunes exclamation mark

Would you like to simply remove those dead links from your iTunes database?

beaTunes can help.

Unlike iTunes, beaTunes has a column called location. And when the location of a song's file is not available at all, it lists it as unknown. So the only thing you have to do, is to sort by location (just click on the table header) and delete the files that have unknown locations.
Note, that whenever you delete something, we strongly recommend that you make sure, you really want to delete it.

Unfortunately, the approach described above does not always work. Sometimes iTunes holds on to the file name, even though it does not exist anymore. But all is not lost. Alternatively to simple sorting, beaTunes offers another unique approach. We call it Library Inspection

While the free trial lets you find issues, it does not let you apply solutions by simply clicking on them. For one-click solutions you will need to purchase a license.

Here's how it works

beaTunes missing file inspection dialog

That's it! Couldn't be any easier, right?


beaTunes has a lot more useful features to adjust loudness via ReplayGain, detect the key of your songs, keep your library in shape, analyze your music and help you to create interesting playlists.