There was joy inside my music library that I was unaware of until beaTunes showed it to me.

MacBreak Weekly, Andy Ihnatko

beaTunes5 is a handy tool for anyone with an untamed music library. It will be of use to DJs for its analysis and playlist-building capabilities. The ease at which it goes about its work is brilliant and will save users a lot of time in the long run., Christian Yates

Virtual DJ and Traktor have something to learn from Beatunes., Dan White

Probably the most noticeable feature of beaTunes 4 is the new UI which looks a lot cleaner compared to beaTunes 3.5 and it is apparent that a year’s worth of work went into it. The software itself has a feel similar to iTunes without mimicking the Apple software too heavily.
Upon the first run of beaTunes, the software begins by offering solutions to fixing incorrect and mismatched ID3 data which is perfect for those DJ pool tracks which rarely contain accurate information.
beaTunes 4 is the latest library management software for DJs that brings new elements beyond simple BPM and key detection. beaTunes’ increased functionality has the potential to aid a DJ in creating a set that not only blends together but one that also adds complexity and feeling., Dean Zulueta

[...] beaTunes is now getting pretty close to being the tool for the DJ with a large music collection who wants to get the best from it., Phil Morse

Wir konnten [mit dem Farbsystem] selbst verborgene Schätze aus den Tiefen der Datenbank wieder hervorheben. Praktisch ist zudem, dass die Feinabstimmung der chronologischen Abfolge einer Playliste mit Hilfe der Spalte "Lied-Übergang" erfolgen kann, die auf eventuelle Genre-, Tempo- und Tonartwechsel hinweist. Die erstellten Playlisten lassen sich direkt mit iTunes abgleichen oder zur Nutzung in einer DJ-Software exportieren. In unserem Test konnten wir einen Datenaustausch mit Traktor, Cross und Rekordbox erfolgreich durchführen.
Bewertung: 5/6

beat 11/2014, Boris Pipiorke-Arndt

BeaTunes is like a Swiss Army knife for your music library. The software fixes all sorts of problems, from metadata errors to spelling mistakes. It also features a couple of neat tricks that will be useful for DJs, including automatic beat detection, and the ability to identify the key of each of your tracks for more seamless mixing., Ray Aguilera

Every time my massive iTunes collection is making me mad, my buddy beaTunes is making things super-nice again with a couple of clever clicks. Ever wanted to merge all slightly-differently spelled artist names into one consistent spelling with one click? Or get rid of useless genre names that are just used a few times? That's the tool that can do it all. The best MP3 tool if you use iTunes—hands down.

User on Facebook

Thanks to beaTunes, my library is in tip-top shape. The titles are correct, genres are consolidated, and I have a wealth of new information to consider when I customize my playlists. It runs quite fast on my Intel iMac, especially for a java-based application. It is an excellent a companion for the average user as it is for a DJ. You can even try it out for two weeks before you buy.
MacNN Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

MacNN, Galen Wood with Ilene Hoffman

BeaTunes […] is an excellent complimentary program for iTunes. It helps you clean up your iTunes Library by finding and correcting errors in the artist, album, title and other tags; searching for and adding other metadata such as album artwork, organizes songs with a color-coding system; determines BPM automatically or manually; and more. All of its changes are reflected in iTunes as well., Markkus Rovito

If you are interested in creating playlists that you otherwise may not think to build, beaTunes is a great tool. It lets you make mixes tailored for your moods and activities, and takes the guess work out of creating perfect party mixes.

The Mac Observer, Jeff Gamet

BeaTunes performs a statistical analysis of each song and assigns it a colour value comprised of the standard red, green, and blue primary additive colours. Amazingly, I have found this to be excellent in finding songs that go well together in a playlist. Songs with a similar colour and a similar bpm create a wonderfully textured musical landscape that always remains within a similar mood or disposition, even while floating across genre boundaries.

Music in Colour, Timo

Its capability to identify major errors in the way songs are tagged—as well as to help you find new ways of looking at your music and its capability to automate the creation of playlists—make beaTunes an great iTunes helper., Ryan Faas

[beaTunes] has a unique feature called Library Inspection - run it and it will show you all the little discrepancies in your iTunes Library. Then it lets you decide on a case-by-case basis what corrections you would like to make.

Glenn Wolsey, Mac Guide New Zealand, Issue 33

beaTunes rocks! It is hands down the definitive choice for finding your collection's Beats Per Minute (BPM). I used it to find the BPM for 200 gigs worth of music. Now I have plenty of music to keep me on pace during the marathon. My running pace is 76 beats per minute. One step per beat.
After I used beaTunes, I made a playlist with all of my 76 BPM songs for my iPod and now I run at a perfect pace.

The Binary Dollar, Henry

beaTunes [...] can help you create some really interesting, and powerful playlists in iTunes. [...]
With its Library Inspection tool it can help keep everything nice and tidy in iTunes. beaTunes will keep your tracks categorized correctly, and keep you from having deleted tracks still in your playlists. [...]
It’s Shareware, and if you choose to keep it, it will run you $19.95 (which, if you spend a lot of time managing playlists in iTunes seems totally worth it) [...]

[...] bietet es aber Funktionen, die man sich von iTunes nur wünschen würde:

beaTunes - iTunes für Fortgeschrittene?

Itunes tend à devenir la référence en ce qui concerne la gestion de la musique [...] Mais pour la gestion des playlists iTunes n’est pas optimal et c’est là que se ressent le besoin d’utiliser des outils tiers comme beatunes ou tangerine. Tangerine n’étant disponible que pour les utilisateurs de mac, je me suis rabattu sur beatunes qui est une vraie réponse à mes attentes.
Beatunes est donc un soft pour mac et pc qui vous permet de manager avec précision votre bibliothèque iTunes.
[...] le prix est vraiment justifié!

Beatunes, l’outil pour manager iTunes,

Congratulations for the great idea you have with beaTunes, I love the way it works. I dj with Latin Music, Salsa and Latin Jazz and the beats are always precise.

DJ El Chino

Since moving to Mac, the only program I miss is MixMeister. beaTunes helps fill the gap, with the BPM feature. Works like a charm. Yes, it takes some time to get thru the library, but that's why they say to run it overnight. [...] wonderful piece of software

Just what was missing for the Mac, BoiseSpin

Awesome program. I've been wanting to figure beat per minute on my music for making better dance music play lists for quite some time now.

Eli Hodapp

I have been using beaTunes for about 4-5 months now and it is working extremely well. Interface is easy. In my experience there are a low percentage of BPM non-calculatable files. As a newbie Serato user, I'm just getting better mixing beats on my own, but this auto-BPM calculator is helping me along the way...definitely the way to go! It's the only option if you own a Mac and use Serato!

J. eMCee

Whoa, This program has some great features! It even has manual BPM tapping if you chose PLUS you can correct file/artist/label etc difference throughout the entire library... I also see a double/half-the-BPM feature (good stuff!)


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