Out of Memory Error

When you run many tasks in parallel and/or have a very large music library, it can happen that beaTunes runs out of memory and you see a corresponding error message. This does not have to mean that you don't have enough memory installed in your computer. It just means that beaTunes encountered a situation that required more memory than it was granted.

Why hasn't it been granted more then? Well, the more memory we grant beaTunes by default, the more it will use, often regardless of whether it really really needs it. This isn't a problem on computers with lots of memory, but if you only have 2GB installed, this will slow down your whole system.

A lot.

That's something we would like to avoid and therefore we chose a relatively low max memory value.

Now, encountering an out-of-memory situation is never a good thing. But it's something you can fix. Here's how:

Should you still have problems, please contact support.