Class SongAnnotation

    • Constructor Detail

      • SongAnnotation

        public SongAnnotation​(Song song)
      • SongAnnotation

        public SongAnnotation()
    • Method Detail

      • getSong

        public Song getSong()
      • setSong

        public void setSong​(Song song)
      • getConcatTags

        public String getConcatTags()
      • getDateAnalyzed

        public Date getDateAnalyzed()
      • setDateAnalyzed

        public void setDateAnalyzed​(Date dateAnalyzed)
      • getKey

        public Key getKey()
      • setKey

        public void setKey​(Key key)
      • getKeyAlgorithm

        public String getKeyAlgorithm()
      • setKeyAlgorithm

        public void setKeyAlgorithm​(String keyAlgorithm)
      • getSpectrum

        public com.tagtraum.audiokern.timbre.BarkSpectrum getSpectrum()
      • setSpectrum

        public void setSpectrum​(com.tagtraum.audiokern.timbre.BarkSpectrum spectrum)
      • getTempoSpectrum

        public com.tagtraum.audiokern.bpm.TempoSpectrum getTempoSpectrum()
      • setTempoSpectrum

        public void setTempoSpectrum​(com.tagtraum.audiokern.bpm.TempoSpectrum spectrum)
      • getFingerprint

        public byte[] getFingerprint()
      • setFingerprint

        public void setFingerprint​(byte[] fingerprint)
      • getColor

        public Color getColor()
        color - null, if spectrum is null
      • setColor

        public void setColor​(Color color)
      • getTempoColor

        public Color getTempoColor()
      • setTempoColor

        public void setTempoColor​(Color color)
      • getTempoTimbreColor

        public Color getTempoTimbreColor()
      • setTempoTimbreColor

        public void setTempoTimbreColor​(Color color)
      • getExactBPM

        public float getExactBPM()
      • setExactBPM

        public void setExactBPM​(float exactBPM)
      • getTempo

        public com.tagtraum.audiokern.bpm.Tempo getTempo()
      • setTempo

        public void setTempo​(com.tagtraum.audiokern.bpm.Tempo tempo)
      • getBpmAlgorithm

        public String getBpmAlgorithm()
      • setBpmAlgorithm

        public void setBpmAlgorithm​(String bpmAlgorithm)
      • getTuningAlgorithm

        public String getTuningAlgorithm()
      • setTuningAlgorithm

        public void setTuningAlgorithm​(String tuningAlgorithm)
      • getMoodAlgorithm

        public String getMoodAlgorithm()
      • setMoodAlgorithm

        public void setMoodAlgorithm​(String moodAlgorithm)
      • getTimeSignatureAlgorithm

        public String getTimeSignatureAlgorithm()
      • setTimeSignatureAlgorithm

        public void setTimeSignatureAlgorithm​(String timeSignatureAlgorithm)
      • getBeatsAlgorithm

        public String getBeatsAlgorithm()
      • setBeatsAlgorithm

        public void setBeatsAlgorithm​(String beatsAlgorithm)
      • getSegmentsAlgorithm

        public String getSegmentsAlgorithm()
      • setSegmentsAlgorithm

        public void setSegmentsAlgorithm​(String segmentsAlgorithm)
      • getSimilaritiesAlgorithm

        public String getSimilaritiesAlgorithm()
      • setSimilaritiesAlgorithm

        public void setSimilaritiesAlgorithm​(String similaritiesAlgorithm)
      • getInstrumentationAlgorithm

        public String getInstrumentationAlgorithm()
      • setInstrumentationAlgorithm

        public void setInstrumentationAlgorithm​(String instrumentation)
      • getDanceabilityAlgorithm

        public String getDanceabilityAlgorithm()
      • setDanceabilityAlgorithm

        public void setDanceabilityAlgorithm​(String danceabilityAlgorithm)
      • getLanguage

        public String getLanguage()
      • setLanguage

        public void setLanguage​(String language)
      • getTuning

        public Integer getTuning()
      • setTuning

        public void setTuning​(Integer tuning)
      • getBeats

        public Beats getBeats()
      • setBeats

        public void setBeats​(Beats beats)
      • getSegments

        public Segments getSegments()
      • setSegments

        public void setSegments​(Segments segments)
      • setSimilarities

        public void setSimilarities​(Similarities similarities)
      • getLoudness

        public Loudness getLoudness()
      • setLoudness

        public void setLoudness​(Loudness loudness)
      • setMood

        public void setMood​(Mood mood)
      • getMood

        public Mood getMood()
      • setTimeSignature

        public void setTimeSignature​(TimeSignature timeSignature)
      • getMeasuresPerMinute

        public float getMeasuresPerMinute()
      • getRMSMean

        public Float getRMSMean()
      • setRMSMean

        public void setRMSMean​(Float average)
      • getRMSStandardDeviation

        public Float getRMSStandardDeviation()
      • setRMSStandardDeviation

        public void setRMSStandardDeviation​(Float standardDeviation)
      • getSpectralCentroidMean

        public Float getSpectralCentroidMean()
      • setSpectralCentroidMean

        public void setSpectralCentroidMean​(Float average)
      • getSpectralSpreadMean

        public Float getSpectralSpreadMean()
      • setSpectralSpreadMean

        public void setSpectralSpreadMean​(Float average)
      • getRelativeSpectralEntropyMean

        public Float getRelativeSpectralEntropyMean()
      • setRelativeSpectralEntropyMean

        public void setRelativeSpectralEntropyMean​(Float average)
      • setSpectralNoveltyMean

        public void setSpectralNoveltyMean​(Float average)
      • getSpectralNoveltyMean

        public Float getSpectralNoveltyMean()
      • setSpectralFluctuationPeak

        public void setSpectralFluctuationPeak​(Float peak)
      • getSpectralFluctuationPeak

        public Float getSpectralFluctuationPeak()
      • getSpectralFluxMean

        public Float getSpectralFluxMean()
      • setSpectralFluxMean

        public void setSpectralFluxMean​(Float spectralFluxMean)
      • getSpectralVariabilityMean

        public Float getSpectralVariabilityMean()
      • setSpectralVariabilityMean

        public void setSpectralVariabilityMean​(Float spectralVariabilityMean)
      • getTrackReplayGain

        public ReplayGain getTrackReplayGain()
      • setTrackReplayGain

        public void setTrackReplayGain​(ReplayGain replayGain)
      • getAlbumReplayGain

        public ReplayGain getAlbumReplayGain()
      • setAlbumReplayGain

        public void setAlbumReplayGain​(ReplayGain replayGain)
      • setDanceability

        public void setDanceability​(Float danceability)
      • getDanceability

        public Float getDanceability()
      • getCustom1

        public String getCustom1()
      • setCustom1

        public void setCustom1​(String value)
      • getCustom2

        public String getCustom2()
      • setCustom2

        public void setCustom2​(String value)
      • getCustom3

        public String getCustom3()
      • setCustom3

        public void setCustom3​(String value)
      • getCustom4

        public String getCustom4()
      • setCustom4

        public void setCustom4​(String value)
      • getCustom5

        public String getCustom5()
      • setCustom5

        public void setCustom5​(String value)
      • getGenreIRI

        public String getGenreIRI()
      • setGenreIRI

        public void setGenreIRI​(String genreIRI)
      • getFileId

        public FileId getFileId()
      • setFileId

        public void setFileId​(FileId fileId)
      • getRemoteUpdateDate

        public Date getRemoteUpdateDate()
      • setRemoteUpdateDate

        public void setRemoteUpdateDate​(Date date)
      • getRemoteRating

        public int getRemoteRating()
      • setRemoteRating

        public void setRemoteRating​(byte value)
      • getPopularity

        public float getPopularity()
      • setPopularity

        public void setPopularity​(float value)
      • getRemotePlayFrequency

        public float getRemotePlayFrequency()
      • setRemotePlayFrequency

        public void setRemotePlayFrequency​(float value)
      • getRemotePlaySkipRatio

        public float getRemotePlaySkipRatio()
      • setRemotePlaySkipRatio

        public void setRemotePlaySkipRatio​(float value)
      • getRemoteLoved

        public float getRemoteLoved()
      • setRemoteLoved

        public void setRemoteLoved​(float value)
      • getRemoteDisliked

        public float getRemoteDisliked()
      • setRemoteDisliked

        public void setRemoteDisliked​(float value)
      • getArtistIds

        public Set<AudioId> getArtistIds()
      • getIds

        public static Set<AudioId> getIds​(Set<AudioId> sourceIds,
                                          String generatorName)
        Returns all ids that have the given generator name.
        sourceIds - ids to filter
        generatorName - generator name
        filtered set
      • isInitialized

        public boolean isInitialized()
      • initialize

        public void initialize()