Class Inspection

    • Constructor Detail

      • Inspection

        public Inspection​(BeaTunes application)
    • Method Detail

      • getComponent

        public JComponent getComponent()
        Description copied from interface: View
        The actual visual component for this view.
        Specified by:
        getComponent in interface View
        detail component
      • isIndeterminateProgress

        public boolean isIndeterminateProgress()
        Description copied from interface: DetailView
        Indicates that the current status is an operation with indeterminate progress which should be reflected in the rendering of the status bar.
        Specified by:
        isIndeterminateProgress in interface DetailView
        true if an indeterminate progress indicator is supposed to be rendered
      • getSolutionIcon

        public Icon getSolutionIcon()
      • isInspecting

        public boolean isInspecting()
      • setInspecting

        public void setInspecting​(boolean inspecting)
      • updateIgnoredSongIds

        public void updateIgnoredSongIds()
      • getIgnoredIssuesSet

        public IgnoredIssuesSet getIgnoredIssuesSet()
        Let's you get a set of issues the user chose to ignore. Add your own and write the list, if you made changes.
        set of ignored issues
      • removeCallableSolution

        public void removeCallableSolution​(CallableSolution callableSolution)
      • clearCallableSolutions

        public void clearCallableSolutions()
      • submit

        public boolean submit​(CallableSolution callableSolution)
        callableSolution - solution
        true, if we were able to submit this solution
      • commitCallableSolutions

        public void commitCallableSolutions()
      • commitCallableSolutions

        public void commitCallableSolutions​(List<CallableSolution> asyncSolutions)
      • isCommittingSolutions

        public boolean isCommittingSolutions()
      • setCommittingSolutions

        public void setCommittingSolutions​(boolean committingSolutions)
      • getCommittingSolutionsProgress

        public float getCommittingSolutionsProgress()
      • setCommittingSolutionsProgress

        public void setCommittingSolutionsProgress​(float committingSolutionsProgress)
      • getCallableSolutionsLabel

        public String getCallableSolutionsLabel()
      • hasUncommittedSolutions

        public boolean hasUncommittedSolutions()
      • callableSolutionCount

        public int callableSolutionCount()
      • addPropertyChangeListener

        public void addPropertyChangeListener​(String propertyName,
                                              PropertyChangeListener propertyChangeListener)
      • getCallableSolutionsModel

        public com.tagtraum.beatunes.inspection.Inspection.CallableSolutionsModel getCallableSolutionsModel()
      • inspect

        public void inspect()
      • ignore

        public boolean ignore​(Issue<?> issue)
        Returns true, if the app is configured to ignore certain kinds of songs. Issues are ignored, if any song it deals with should be ignored.
        issue - issue
        true, if the issue is to be ignored
      • extractErrorMessage

        public static String extractErrorMessage​(Throwable e)