Class SearchTextField

  • public abstract class SearchTextField
    extends Object
    Search TextField abstract that covers the new Leopard way of customizing JTextFields and the old (Tiger and Windows) way of a panel with a textfield and a button.
    Hendrik Schreiber
    See Also:
    TN 2196
    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchTextField

        protected SearchTextField()
    • Method Detail

      • getTextField

        public abstract JTextField getTextField()
      • getComponent

        public abstract JComponent getComponent()
      • setCancelAction

        public void setCancelAction​(BaseAction cancelAction)
      • getCancelAction

        public BaseAction getCancelAction()
      • setFindPopup

        public void setFindPopup​(JPopupMenu popup)
      • setFont

        public abstract void setFont​(Font font)
      • getFont

        public abstract Font getFont()
      • setPrompt

        public abstract void setPrompt​(String prompt)
      • getPrompt

        public abstract String getPrompt()
      • init

        public void init​(SearchTextField oldSearchTextField)
        Init from old instance.
        oldSearchTextField - old instance