Class LowLevelFeatureAnalyzer<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • LowLevelFeatureAnalyzer

        public LowLevelFeatureAnalyzer()
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstXSecondsOfAudio

        public int getFirstXSecondsOfAudio()
      • setFirstXSecondsOfAudio

        protected void setFirstXSecondsOfAudio​(int firstXSecondsOfAudio)
      • getRequiredClip

        public AudioClip getRequiredClip​(AudioFileFormat audioFileFormat)
        Description copied from interface: SongPropertyAnalyzer
        Indicates which portion of the audio this analyzer needs to have available to do its job. E.g. the first 20s.
        Specified by:
        getRequiredClip in interface SongPropertyAnalyzer<T>
        audioFileFormat - file format
        required audio clip or null, if we need the whole file