Interface FileTrack

    • Method Detail

      • getPath

        String getPath()
        File path (not URL).
        Specified by:
        getPath in interface AudioSong
        file path
      • getFile

        Path getFile​(boolean refresh)
        Description copied from interface: AudioSong
        File of this track. If refresh is true and the file does not exist anymore, ask the backend app (iTunes,, ...) for the correct file name. Because of the backend call, this method may block and therefore should be called from the EDT.
        Specified by:
        getFile in interface AudioSong
        refresh - refresh from backend
        file object for AudioSong.getLocation() or null, if a proper file object cannot be formed
        See Also:
        AudioSong.getLocation(), AudioSong.getLocation(boolean)
      • deleteFile

        void deleteFile()
                 throws IOException
        Deletes (or moves to trash) the file behind this track.
        IOException - if the file can't be deleted