Class FadeImageFilter

    • Constructor Detail

      • FadeImageFilter

        public FadeImageFilter​(int width,
                               int height)
        width - width
        height - height
    • Method Detail

      • substituteColorModel

        public void substituteColorModel​(ColorModel oldcm,
                                         ColorModel newcm)
        Registers two ColorModel objects for substitution. If the oldcm is encountered during any of the setPixels methods, the newcm is substituted and the pixels passed through untouched (but with the new ColorModel object).
        oldcm - the ColorModel object to be replaced on the fly
        newcm - the ColorModel object to replace oldcm on the fly
      • filterIndexColorModel

        public IndexColorModel filterIndexColorModel​(IndexColorModel icm)
        Filters an IndexColorModel object by running each entry in its color tables through the filterRGB function that RGBImageFilter subclasses must provide. Uses coordinates of -1 to indicate that a color table entry is being filtered rather than an actual pixel value.
        icm - the IndexColorModel object to be filtered
        a new IndexColorModel representing the filtered colors
      • filterRGBPixels

        public void filterRGBPixels​(int x,
                                    int y,
                                    int w,
                                    int h,
                                    int[] pixels,
                                    int off,
                                    int scansize,
                                    int a)
        Filters a buffer of pixels in the default RGB ColorModel by passing them one by one through the filterRGB method.
        x - the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the region of pixels
        y - the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the region of pixels
        w - the width of the region of pixels
        h - the height of the region of pixels
        pixels - the array of pixels
        off - the offset into the pixels array
        scansize - the distance from one row of pixels to the next in the array
        a - ???