Class ActionLocation

    • Field Detail

      • insertMenuItemSeparatorBeforeAction

        protected boolean insertMenuItemSeparatorBeforeAction
      • insertMenuItemSeparatorAfterAction

        protected boolean insertMenuItemSeparatorAfterAction
    • Constructor Detail

      • ActionLocation

        public ActionLocation​(UIRegion uiRegion)
      • ActionLocation

        protected ActionLocation​(String uiRegionPath)
        Path segments have to consist of properties. Indexed properties can be selected using this propertyName:arrayIndex notation. The path uses '.' as delimiter.


        mainWindow.JMenuBar.components:2 denotes the third (index is zero-based) menu in MainWindow's menubar, assuming a method getMainWindow() exists in the object used as root (e.g. com.tagtraum.beatunes.BeaTunes).

        uiRegionPath - path
        See Also:
        install(Object, ApplicationAction), UIRegion
    • Method Detail

      • getInsertIndex

        protected abstract int getInsertIndex​(Container container)
      • getUIRegionPath

        public String getUIRegionPath()
      • install

        public boolean install​(Object root,
                               ApplicationAction action)
        Installs the given action in path getUIRegionPath() of the given object. Success depends mostly on an accurate path, which is followed using reflection.
        root - main object
        action - the action to install
        true if the installation succeeded, false if not