Class NativeLibraryLoader

  • public final class NativeLibraryLoader
    extends Object
    First tries to load a library the default way using System.loadLibrary(String), upon failure falls back to the base directory of the given class package or the jar the class is in. This way, a native library is found, if it located in the same directory as a particular jar, identified by a specific class from that jar.
    Hendrik Schreiber
    • Method Detail

      • loadLibrary

        public static void loadLibrary​(String libName,
                                       Class<?> baseClass)
        Loads a library.
        libName - name of the library, as described in System.loadLibrary(String) );
        baseClass - class that identifies the jar
      • findFile

        public static String findFile​(String name,
                                      Class baseClass,
                                      FileFilter filter)
                               throws FileNotFoundException
        Finds a file that is either in the classpath or in the same directory as a given class's jar.
        name - (partial) filename
        baseClass - base class
        filter - filter that determines whether a file is a match
        FileNotFoundException - if a matching file cannot be found