Class SongTable

    • Constructor Detail

      • SongTable

        public SongTable​(MainWindow mainWindow)
        Creates the main song table.
        mainWindow - main window
    • Method Detail

      • getSyncButtonModel

        public ButtonModel getSyncButtonModel()
      • getSyncTempoModel

        public SpinnerModel getSyncTempoModel()
      • startEditingPlaylistName

        public void startEditingPlaylistName()
        Start editing of the playlist's name.
      • $$$getRootComponent$$$

        public JComponent $$$getRootComponent$$$()
      • isIndeterminateProgress

        public boolean isIndeterminateProgress()
        Description copied from interface: DetailView
        Indicates that the current status is an operation with indeterminate progress which should be reflected in the rendering of the status bar.
        Specified by:
        isIndeterminateProgress in interface DetailView
        true if an indeterminate progress indicator is supposed to be rendered
      • registerDoubleClick

        public void registerDoubleClick​(String actionId)
        Registers the id of the action to execute upon a double click.
        actionId - action id
      • getSongContextComponent

        public JComponent getSongContextComponent()
        Returns currently selected song context component.
        song context component
      • setSongContextComponent

        public void setSongContextComponent​(JComponent component)
        component - component
      • getSongContextPanel

        public JPanel getSongContextPanel()
        Returns the actual song context panel. To get the corresponding button panel, use getSongContextButtonPanel().
        song context panel
      • getTable

        public JTable getTable()
        The actual table component showing songs.
        Specified by:
        getTable in interface TableView
        song table
      • getMainWindow

        public MainWindow getMainWindow()
        Returns the owning window.
        main window
      • getComponent

        public JComponent getComponent()
        Description copied from interface: View
        The actual visual component for this view.
        Specified by:
        getComponent in interface View
        detail component
      • getFocusRoot

        public JComponent getFocusRoot()
        Description copied from interface: View
        The component that should be focused by default, when view is shown.
        Specified by:
        getFocusRoot in interface View
      • getSelectedSong

        public AudioSong getSelectedSong()
        Returns the first selected song. This call may be expensive when many songs are selected. You can check the number of songs selected with getSongTable().getSelectedRowCount().
        first selected song, or null if no songs are selected.
      • select

        public void select​(AudioSong song)
        Select the given song in the current SongTable and scroll to it so that it becomes visible.
        song - song
      • select

        public void select​(long id)
        Select the given song in the current SongTable and scroll to it so that it becomes visible.
        id - id
      • resetSorting

        public void resetSorting()
        Clear all sorting flags and sort the current playlist by natural order.