Class CoverPanel

    • Field Detail

    • Constructor Detail

      • CoverPanel

        public CoverPanel​(BeaTunes application)
    • Method Detail

      • stopCache

        public void stopCache()
        Stops the background thread filling the cache.
      • setVisible

        public void setVisible​(boolean visible)
        setVisible in class JComponent
      • getApplication

        public BeaTunes getApplication()
      • getNewFrontCoverArtwork

        public AudioArtwork getNewFrontCoverArtwork()
      • getNewBackCoverArtwork

        public AudioArtwork getNewBackCoverArtwork()
      • setArtwork

        public void setArtwork​(AudioArtwork artwork)
      • getSetCoverArtworkAction

        public Action getSetCoverArtworkAction()
      • getRemoveCoverArtworkAction

        public Action getRemoveCoverArtworkAction()
      • getPasteCoverArtworkAction

        public Action getPasteCoverArtworkAction()
      • getCopyCoverArtworkAction

        public Action getCopyCoverArtworkAction()
      • getAnimationStepSize

        public int getAnimationStepSize()
      • setAnimationStepSize

        public void setAnimationStepSize​(int animationStepSize)
      • getAnimationDelay

        public int getAnimationDelay()
      • setAnimationDelay

        public void setAnimationDelay​(int animationDelay)
      • getFinalPosition

        public int getFinalPosition()
      • setFinalPosition

        public void setFinalPosition​(int finalPosition)
      • isCacheMultiplePositions

        public boolean isCacheMultiplePositions()
      • setCacheMultiplePositions

        public void setCacheMultiplePositions​(boolean cacheMultiplePositions)
      • setCoverImages

        public void setCoverImages​(CoverImages coverImages)
      • getPosition

        public int getPosition()
      • setPosition

        public void setPosition​(int position)
      • flip

        public void flip()
      • isFront

        public boolean isFront()
        Indicates whether this component currently shows the front side.
        true or false
      • setFront

        public void setFront​(boolean front)