Class BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField

    • Constructor Detail

      • BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField

        public BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField()
      • BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField

        public BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField​(String text)
      • BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField

        public BeaTunesEmphasizedTextField​(String text,
                                           int columns)
    • Method Detail

      • isEmphasize

        public boolean isEmphasize()
        Indicates whether the emphasis shadow is painted or not.
        true or false
      • setEmphasize

        public void setEmphasize​(boolean emphasize)
        Set to true, if you want the emphasis shadow painted.
        emphasize - true or false
      • getRegularBorder

        public Border getRegularBorder()
      • setRegularBorder

        public void setRegularBorder​(Border regularBorder)
      • getEditingBorder

        public Border getEditingBorder()
      • setEditingBorder

        public void setEditingBorder​(Border editingBorder)
      • setAllowEditing

        public void setAllowEditing​(boolean allowEditing)
      • startEditing

        public void startEditing()