Class LibraryLoader

    • Constructor Detail

      • LibraryLoader

        public LibraryLoader()
    • Method Detail

      • getMediaLibrary

        public abstract MediaLibrary getMediaLibrary()
      • load

        protected abstract MediaLibraryEvent load​(LibraryDescriptor libraryDescriptor,
                                                  ProgressListener progressListener,
                                                  boolean full)
                                           throws Exception
        Implement this method to establish the actual loading process. Do not call this method yourself. It will be called by AbstractMediaLibrary. Note that loading includes loading tracks from an external source (e.g. iTunes or the file system) AND building playlists based on them. At the very least, a library playlist must be built.
        libraryDescriptor - describes the library we are supposed to load
        progressListener - progress listener to notify of progress @see #load(com.tagtraum.core.ProgressListener, javax.swing.JDialog)
        full - attempt full synchronization no matter what
        event object describing the load results
        Exception - if something went wrong