Class SortnameUsedAsInspector

    • Constructor Detail

      • SortnameUsedAsInspector

        public SortnameUsedAsInspector​(BeaTunes application)
    • Method Detail

      • getCategory

        public String getCategory()
        Description copied from class: Inspector
        Indicates the inspection's category or grouping. By default this returns GENERAL.
        getCategory in class Inspector
        category, by default General
      • getPropertyName

        public String getPropertyName()
        Description copied from class: Inspector
        Indicates which property is inspected by this inspector. This will be used when highlighting said property in views of a song that has issues.
        Specified by:
        getPropertyName in class Inspector
        property name
      • getIssueDescription

        protected abstract String getIssueDescription​(String name)
      • getCallableSolutionDescription

        protected abstract String getCallableSolutionDescription​(String newName)
      • getCallableSolutionProgressMessage

        protected abstract String getCallableSolutionProgressMessage​(String newName)
      • getSolutionDescription

        protected abstract String getSolutionDescription​(String oldName,
                                                         String newName)
      • getSolutionClassDescription

        protected abstract String getSolutionClassDescription()
      • getInputDescription

        protected abstract String getInputDescription()
      • getInputPrompt

        protected abstract String getInputPrompt()
      • getConfirmIgnoreProgressMessage

        protected abstract String getConfirmIgnoreProgressMessage​(String name)
      • getConfirmIgnoreDescription

        protected abstract String getConfirmIgnoreDescription​(String name)