Class InspectionPreferences

    • Constructor Detail

      • InspectionPreferences

        public InspectionPreferences​(BeaTunes application)
        application - beaTunes
    • Method Detail

      • getApplication

        public BeaTunes getApplication()
      • excludePodcasts

        public boolean excludePodcasts()
      • excludeMovies

        public boolean excludeMovies()
      • excludeMusicVideos

        public boolean excludeMusicVideos()
      • excludeTVShows

        public boolean excludeTVShows()
      • excludeUnchecked

        public boolean excludeUnchecked()
      • excludeProtected

        public boolean excludeProtected()
      • excludeITunesU

        public boolean excludeITunesU()
      • excludeAudiobooks

        public boolean excludeAudiobooks()
      • excludeShared

        public boolean excludeShared()
      • isDelayCommit

        public boolean isDelayCommit()
      • store

        public void store​(nu.xom.Element parent)
                   throws ConfigurationException
        Description copied from interface: ConfigurableComponent
        Will be called by the application when it thinks that configurable components should store their configuration.
        Specified by:
        store in interface ConfigurableComponent
        parent - empty parent element should contain all configuration children for this component once this method returns
      • $$$getRootComponent$$$

        public JComponent $$$getRootComponent$$$()