Class HighLevelFeaturePipelines

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      • createNoveltyPipeline

        public static SignalPipeline<AudioBuffer,​AudioBuffer> createNoveltyPipeline​(String id,
                                                                                          int windowSize,
                                                                                          int hopsize,
                                                                                          DistanceFunction<float[]> distanceFunction,
                                                                                          int maxFramesToProcess)
        Transforms to mono, normalizes to -1/+1, applies the given window, applies a Hamming window, then transforms using FFT and
        id - id to collect any results under
        windowSize - window size in frames, recommended is 4096 for audio sampled at 44.1kHz (~93ms) and a hopsize of 2048
        hopsize - hop size, recommended is half the window size
        maxFramesToProcess - maximum number of frames to process
        distanceFunction - distance function to compute the distance between two FFT spectra
        a novelty pipeline
        See Also:
        DistanceFunctions.createCosineDistanceFunction(int, int), Novelty