Class AudioSpectrumFunctions.LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval

    • Constructor Detail

      • LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval

        public LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval​(boolean standardize,
                                             int windowLength,
                                             float meanFactor)
        standardize - standardize results
        windowLength - bins to average over
        meanFactor - factor a peak must be above average, so that it is not cancelled out
      • LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval

        public LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval​(boolean standardize)
      • LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval

        public LogFrequencyBackgroundRemoval()
    • Method Detail

      • getCoefficientOfVariation

        public float getCoefficientOfVariation()
      • setCoefficientOfVariation

        public void setCoefficientOfVariation​(float coefficientOfVariation)
      • getFractionOfMax

        public float getFractionOfMax()
      • setFractionOfMax

        public void setFractionOfMax​(float fractionOfMax)
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        public int hashCode()
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