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Track Identification

Does your music collection contain tracks that are named 01-Track.mp3? Did you rip a lot of CDs while being offline or simply weren't using CDDB or freedb?

Would you like to associate track and artist names with your anonymous songs?

beaTunes can help you out. Through MusicIP's acoustic fingerprint technology, beaTunes can retrieve much of the missing information from a central database.

Here's how it works

  • Get the free beaTunes trial version for Windows or Mac and install it on your computer
  • Start beaTunes
  • When asked, whether you want to analyze the whole library, click No
  • Instead, only select the songs that have no meaningful title or artist information associated with them
  • Go to File -> Analyze Songs
  • beaTunes will now show you the analysis options dialog:

    beaTunes import metadata analysis options dialog

  • Check the Import metadata from checkbox
  • Make sure you select an appropriate import option. The replace option will overwrite existing data. Be sure to understand what it does.
  • Click on the analyze button to start the process
  • The songs are now analyzed in the background
  • To track progress, click on the Analysis Queue item in the left part of the main window:

    beaTunes analysis queue

  • When the analysis is running, the Pause Analysis button is enabled allowing you to pause analysis at any time
  • The estimated remaining analysis time is displayed in the status bar
  • Note, that when you shut down beaTunes and restart it, it resumes analysis where you stopped it
  • Once a PUID is associated with a song, the Get Info dialog will take advantage of it and offer helpful correction hints:

    beaTunes metadata auto correction

That's it! Couldn't be any easier, right?


beaTunes has a lot more useful features to identify tracks, detect the key of your songs, keep your library in shape, blog about music, analyze your music and help you to create interesting playlists.